Blackstone 28″ Steel Griddle with Cover Included


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The perfect portable griddle for the backyard patio, tailgating, or camping. This innovative griddle features two independent cooking zones that provide a total of 34,000 BTUs. You will be flipping pancakes, searing steaks, and smashing burgers in no time. The Blackstone 2 burner gas griddle in classic black is perfect for crowds, big and small. It has a surface big enough to fit 44 hot dogs or 18 burgers or 12 steaks, You’ll be amazed by all of the meals you can create on this 34,000 BTU powerhouse! The portable frame supports a strong 28″ cold-rolled steel griddle. Features 2 h-shaped burners for a nice, even heat distribution. These burners prevent cold spots that are ideal for cooking meat, seafood, vegetables, and more. Built with industrial cold-rolled steel for strength, durability, and optimal heat distribution. Now includes the patented rear grease management system for no-mess cooking and easy cleanup.
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Rated the #1 outdoor griddle


The griddle provides a large, flat cooking surface that allows you to cook a wide variety of foods, including pancakes, bacon, eggs, burgers, vegetables, and more.


The griddles are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are built to endure frequent use, making them a reliable cooking companion for years to come.


The griddle surface is non-stick, which makes cooking and flipping food effortless while also facilitating easy cleanup.


The ability to cook outdoors gives you a unique cooking experience, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air while preparing delicious meals for family and friends.


  • Cooking Surface: 28 3/4″ W x 18 1/4″ D
  • Side Shelf: 17″ W x 11 3/4″ D
  • Two (2) Adjustable Heat Controls
  • Rear Grease Management System
  • Built-In Ignitor
  • Two (2) Industrial Strength Wheels
Stylish And Stretchy

Easy assembling

Installs in under 30 minutes.

Experience the convenience of Blackstone’s exceptional packaging and labeling system for screws and nuts! With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that assembling becomes effortless, making your projects a breeze.

Elevate your outdoor cooking experience

Cooks everything

Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with the Blackstone Griddle! The Blackstone 2 burner gas griddle in classic black is perfect for crowds, big and small. It has a surface big enough to fit 44 hot dogs or 18 burgers or 12 steaks, You’ll be amazed by all of the meals you can create on this 34,000 BTU powerhouse!

Live Life In Comfort

Reuse And Restyle

Weather-resistent cover

Cover included

Protect your 28” Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station with this heavy-duty, weather-resistant cover.  With durable poly-resin buckles that clip underneath, your griddle cover will stay put even in high winds. This cover will work with the Blackstone Tailgater.

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover all the bases to get your griddle the care it deserves.

How do I season the Blackstone Griddle 28″ before using it?

To season the griddle, apply a thin layer of cooking oil across the entire cooking surface. Heat the griddle on high for about 15-20 minutes or until the oil begins to smoke. Allow it to cool, and then wipe off the excess oil. Repeat this process a few times to create a non-stick surface.

Can I use the Blackstone Griddle 28″ indoors?

The Blackstone Griddle 28″ is primarily designed for outdoor use due to the potential for smoke and grease splatter. However, you can use it in a well-ventilated area or with proper exhaust systems indoors, such as in a well-ventilated garage or outdoor kitchen.

How do I clean the Blackstone Griddle 28″ after use?

After cooking, let the griddle cool down slightly but not completely. Scrape off any excess food debris with a griddle scraper or spatula. Wipe the surface clean with a paper towel or cloth. For stubborn residue, use a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or metal scouring pads to prevent damaging the griddle surface.

What accessories are available for the Blackstone Griddle 28″?

Blackstone offers various accessories for the griddle, such as a grill cover, spatulas, scraper tools, and a griddle tool kit. You can also find additional accessories like a griddle hood, griddle carry bag, and even custom griddle top covers for specific cooking styles.

Can I adjust the temperature on the Blackstone Griddle 28″?

Yes, the Blackstone Griddle 28″ features independently controlled burners, allowing you to adjust the temperature on each side of the griddle. This feature enables you to cook different foods simultaneously at different heat levels, giving you more control over your cooking experience.

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